Sutton Complementary Health Network


Welcome to SCHN – the Sutton Complementary Health Network

SCHN is a network of complementary health therapists offering a broad range of over 20 different holistic therapies working at multiple levels including physical, nutritional, emotional, psychological and spiritual. We have therapies available to suit people of all ages and abilities.

Complementary therapy runs alongside conventional medicine acting as a holistic support for the person as a whole. It helps the body-mind system to come into balance by creating a sense of wellbeing, harmony and connection. Very often complementary therapies have their origins in thousands of years of practice and experience in cultures around the world. We often use natural products, drawn from nature, to support wellbeing.

Have a look at our list of therapies, find a therapist and give them a call to talk through how they work and what they can offer. Everyone will be happy to discuss your questions with you and help you to find the best solution.

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