9 Ways to Unlock ADHD

Lida Hewitt has been working with ADHD patients for many years and would like to share with your her method for success:

There is always a way in which we can help children with ADHD to thrive naturally and reach their greatest potential. It would be unrealistic to believe that this might be done with a single solution to resolve all the symptoms that ADHD represents.

Therefore, my programme “9 Ways to Unlock ADHD” is designed to assess wide areas of ADHD complexity. By unlocking these areas in a certain order, the body can start its healing process. By addressing nine possible causes that are interlinked with each other, it offers an excellent opportunity to look into the roots and real issues of ADHD symptoms.

The nine possible causes are: 

  • compromised neurological systems
  • gut health such as leaky gut, candida or others
  • body imbalances
  • toxicity of heavy metals, mould or plastic
  • sensitivity to electromagnetic fields 
  • activated primitive reflexes
  • imbalanced endocrine system
  • nutritional gap 
  • deficiency in amino acids

I should make it clear that unlocking a child’s greatest potential involves commitment, patience and kindness to yourself. You cannot expect your child to be free of ADHD symptoms in twelve weeks. However, you may see improvements in reading, writing, concentration or behaviour within twelve weeks. It is a journey.

I tell my clients that they are taking a bus trip. Each possible cause represents a bus-stop where a client gets his body both balanced and naturally integrated to a certain level and then moves to the next bus-stop and so on. You may need to spend more time at each bus-stop. Everybody’s journey is different, just as we are different from each other.

No matter how long your journey takes, it is done in a gentle manner that listens to clients’ needs and is done at their own pace.

The healing process cannot be rushed.

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