Angelika Cutuk-Short

Angelika Cutuk-Short

Angelika Cutuk-Short MSc and BSs Nutritionist and NLP Practitioner. Member of the FNTP (Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners) and Nutrition Society.
Sutton, Carshalton, Carshalton Beeches, Wallington, Ewell and Wimbledon
Angelika Cutuk-Short

An Introduction to Angelika and SCHN:

Do you want to lose weight and keep it off forevermore? Are you fed up with dieting?

Nutrition Christmas flyer fullWould you like a personalised, sustainable, easy and flexible method of weight loss that suits you specifically? That is what I offer! By taking into account your food preferences and your mental attitude towards food we work together to achieve your ideal weight. The best thing is; you still eat the food you like!

Medical research has found that the majority of the health issues such as infertility, diabetes and IBS correct themselves if a person loses their excess weight.

Watch Angelika’s videos on how it works:

Talking about Nutrition and Mind Set

Talking about 12 week “Mind over Food Method”

How can I help?

I have been a nutritionist (MSc) since 2006 and a NLP coach since 2012. Nutrition is a vast area of science, and to do my job exceptionally well I have specialised exclusively in weight loss management. Having been a London marathon runner, perpetual jogger and trying to eat healthy all my life, I’ve always had the feeling that ‘I need to lose another stone’! The intermittent (on/off) fasting diet changed that ‘feeling’ for me and now after all those weight loss attempts and a baby I have achieved my ideal weight!

In a nutshell:

Weight loss is a simple equation:

Calories in (food and drink) vs. calories out (activity). FACT!!

Everything depends on which intermittent fasting diet option you choose below, but on average if you follow the 5:2 diet you can expect to lose around 4 lbs of fat around your tummy each month.  This is the visceral fat that is particularly dangerous because it increases your risk of serious diseases such as infertility, diabetes, cardiovascular health etc.

You have the choice of a number of diets which are carefully researched and personalised to suit your particular lifestyle. They come in three categories:

Hard but fastif committed, like challenge and want to look amazing ASAP

  • ‘The 5:2 Diet’ the Original– two different days a week 500/600 calories (female/male)
  • ‘The Fast beach diet’– alternate fasting- every other day you eat 500/600 calories

Bang smack in the middle – for those who are committed but life gets in the way

  • ‘The 3:4 days 1000 calories diet’– same as ‘Fast beach diet’ but with 1000 calories
  •  ‘The 2 days 1000 calories diet’– same as ‘The 5:2 Diet’ but with 1000 calories

Slow but sure – you are ready but want to take it slow

  • The 8 Hour Diet’– simply eating all your food in an 8 hour window in a day

These diets are interchangeable, once you master one it’s easy to swap. Also fasting diets are easy, flexible, sustainable and cheap as you don’t have to buy any special foods or products, you just carry on eating what you like but less for a day or two a week! Simple as that!

For whom?

Most people will benefit from fasting. GP’s have recommended people to me for a number of medical conditions such as:

  • Infertility problems due to excess weight (women and man),
  • Post natal weight loss (after breastfeeding).
  • PMS due to excess weight
  • Overweight cardiac patience
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • IBS
  • Metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetic patients) etc

Why fasting?

Word fasting means ‘act of willing abstinence or reduction from food or drinks for a period of time’. Why do we end up eating every 2-3 hours? We know why! Because the food is everywhere around us! Fasting state is 8 to 12 hours after your previous meal. Once practiced fasting becomes a way of life and not a diet anymore…

The secret ingredient!

To be even more successful in my approach I use coaching (NLP) to help my clients lose weight and keep it off by changing their mental attitudes and banishing those bad eating habits forever. I also offer advice on exercise and supplements when and where needed.

Thank you for reading and looking forward hearing from you.

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My husband and I had a major problem in conceiving a baby. We struggled for 4 years! Also we love our food and nights out. We were both on the chubby side, for a long time now. Once we discovered Angelika (Thanks Tina) and attended a couple consultations, loads of things changed for us. We still love our food- Matthew lost 3.5 Stones and I lost 2.5 stones and the best thing ever we got our baby boy in December’11! Thanks a million Angelika, Matthew and Ruth Smith (January’12)

I have tried all the diets under the sun; Atkinson, Dukan, Paleo diet (almost worked) until Angelika introduced me to the 5:2 Fasting Diet. I lost almost three stones in four and a half months and I never looked back! Her approach is not a diet – it is a way of Life. Thank you ever so much.
Marry McMillan (February, 2013)