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Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

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Hayley Gilburt

Baby Massage

Positive touch is the purest way in which we can show our babies we love them. Touch is the first sense that develops in the womb.
Baby Massage has been practiced since ancient times across the world passed down through generations. In the UK the benefits have not been recognised for so long.
Baby massage provides you and your little one with quality time to bond with each other.  Releasing the Love hormone “Oxytocin” through Skin to Skin contact.
It gives you uninterrupted time to get to know your baby, learn their cues and provide them with a secure attachment to grow up in.
It equips you with skills to help calm your baby when they are feeling unsettled.
And it empowers you, giving you the confidence and belief in your own amazing ability as the parent of your child.


Baby Yoga

Have fun learning techniques to develop all 8 of your baby’s senses and yoga-based poses for parents too.
Did you know we all have 8 senses, not 5?
On top of the 5 we all know, we have a Vestibular, Proprioceptive and Interoceptive system. These control our sense of movement, balance, coordination, and self-awareness. 
At Baby Yoga; poses, stretches, and holds are practiced which help develop all of our senses in a way that is fun, relaxed, and inclusive for all.