Kinetic Chain Release

Kinetic Chain Release ® (KCR )

Stuart Foley

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Stuart Foley


KCR (Kinetic Chain Release) is the NEW cutting edge therapy for bringing harmony and balance to the body by releasing stress and tension. It is a great way to both instantly relax and feel energized. You remain fully clothed, all you need to do is take off your shoes and experience bodywork like you have never experienced before.


What is KCR therapy?

KCR is a therapy system that was developed by Hugh Gilbert, PT, as a means to re-boot the system by a series of releases to relieve stress & tension throughout the whole body. It works by mobilization of key areas starting at your feet and working through a routine to complete your whole body. By bringing your body into re-alignment, KCR can be excellent for stress relief. It is a good “inner body work out” but also very calming. So calming in fact that most clients just want to stay longer on the massage table, soaking up the unseen energies and revelling in and enjoying the experience of feeling “back in touch” with their bodies again.


What can you expect?

At the beginning of your KCR treatment, all you need to do is slip off your shoes (keep socks on, if you wish), relax on the massage table, take 3 deep breaths and close your eyes. You will do almost nothing apart from occasionally turning over, sitting up and stretching that the therapist will assist you with. Just relax and enjoy the sensations as the therapist gently mobilizes key areas of the body, which can often become out of alignment over time. Joints are gently worked, there will also be gentle stretches of the limbs and slow deliberate rotations of the whole body. Your body will probably thank you for the exercise given to it (including the hard-working inner organs, blood flow, digestive & other systems).


YOU WILL NOTICE joints and limbs start to feel energized as the therapist works through your body. You may notice the difference right away or a new sense of wellbeing in the days after your KCR treatment. Some people feel relief from of the pressure from misalignment of the body system which may have developed over time, or could have been the result of a one-off fall or accident from long ago, (which you may have even forgotten about).


Number of treatments

Sometimes one KCR treatment often brings lasting rejuvenation, however a further 2-3 KCR treatments would be beneficial in continual balancing. If good alignment is a prerequisite for your career or hobby, for instance, you physically have to lift or move for your employment, are a gym rat, runner, an equestrian, golfer, dancer, landscaper, etc., ongoing regular KCR sessions may help your performance. Many clients come for the initial KCR session and then 2-3 more KCR sessions in close succession to establish alignment and balance. Then to maintain, a monthly or bi-monthly KCR session is usually suggested. KCR is enjoyable as well as a uniquely beneficial experience. You don’t have to wait until you are out of balance (in pain). If you just enjoy feeling limber “from the outside in”, think of it as preventive therapy.

If you are interested in KCR body therapy, just contact Stuart of SPF Kinetic Therapies and book your first session. Your first KCR session will take approximately an hour. The therapist will want to chat about what is going on with your body and give you some simple “homework” that you will feel totally comfortable doing, on your own, anywhere, and at any time to help build on your treatment. 


‘’KCR seeks to unblock, harmonize and balance the physical body and its energies. Therefore, our goal is not simply to focus on correcting or compensating for your physical conditions and circumstances, but also to restore and enhance to free flow of the life force within you.’’

Hugh Gilbert (KCR founder)


Locations :

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Mobile appointments in Sutton, Wallington, Banstead, Cheam, Carshalton, Worcester Park, Raynes Park, Ewell, Epsom, Surrey, South West London and surrounding areas also available.