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Reigate & Dorking, Surrey and surrounds, online.
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Sare Bassett

Professional registration:

Kinesiology Federation, Kinesiology Association, British Dowsers Professional.

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Sare’s services include;

*Kinesiology, Naturopathy and Bach flower essences

*House Healing and earth energy dowsing

*Massage therapy and Touch for Health

*Spiritual Healing, Reiki and karma clearing Magnified Healing

*Dowsing and spiritual tutor, meditation group


Sare specialises in balancing your bio-energy to reduce injury, pain, tiredness, ease day to day stress and improve emotional balance. She can work to relax your muscles with massage or with kinesiology to focus on reduction of specific health symptoms and conditions such as adrenal fatigue, stress, digestion and tension.

 When your inner energy is flowing your life becomes more effortless and joyful.


Kinesiology Therapy

Kinesiology uses gentle muscle testing and response changes (which work similar to a switch), based on this feedback we devise a treatment plan to re-activate your body’s bio-energetic system. Combining Health Kinesiology and Touch for Health offers a wide range of powerful procedures based on Chinese medicine, designed to trigger your unique self-healing patterns and find what will be the most helpful individual support for total wellness.


We use protocols with different tools and techniques to find what is wanted by your body, then gently stimulate and rebalance such as;

  • Acupressure and lymphatic massage to remove stuck energy and create better flow
  • Bach Flower Essences for emotions
  • Nutrition and naturopathic supplements to support and restore your body’s vital energy
  • Specialised tests to assist with gentle detox, i.e. viruses, toxins, intolerances
  • Therapeutic touch, specialist magnets and body injury release techniques
  • Meridian tapping and personal affirmations

When things are not flowing quite right it might feel as if you are swimming against the tide of life. But even if you didn’t realise things needed to happen, correcting imbalance increases your vitality and happiness, also permitting everyday stresses to flow and assimilate more naturally.


What do people typically visit Sare for help with?

Recovery from injury or illness and pain reduction

Supporting adrenal fatigue, anxiety and stress

Addressing food sensitivity & intolerance

Nutrition & digestion supplementation – to work out what you need

Reduction in headaches and tinnitus

Balancing mood swings and hormones

Help with energy slumps, brain fog and better energy and mental alertness

Assistance in confidence, self-esteem, achieving outcomes needed for life goals

Relief from fears and phobias


What happens in a session?

You complete a health questionnaire so we understand a background of what you want to achieve and will discuss goals and timeframes. Then you relax fully clothed on a couch and we guide your through a series of kinesiology muscle tests against light pressure on your arms and legs.

Most people feel a gentle sense of relief and tension release as we work.

You may need a few sessions depending on the severity of your condition, how long you have had symptoms and how many layers you wish to unravel.

We work together to devise a plan to help you achieve the changes and outcomes you desire.

Massage & Healing Therapy

Sare is an experienced massage therapist who blends her kinesiology and Touch for Health knowledge into a tailored relaxing aromatherapy massage or a rebalancing massage with deeper pressure and lymphatic release (or mix of both). She is qualified in Indian head massage, Swedish body massage, hot and cold stone massage and Touch for Health as well as energy healing. She works to gently release and ease your day-to-day stresses and muscular tension which promotes relaxation.

Focus can be to assist in the rehabilitation of muscular injuries, toning muscles, lymph or postural imbalance or to just deeply calm, relax and release tension.

Energy Healing is very gentle and unobtrusive, it deeply relaxes the body and releases tension in the bio energy flow that underpins all other types of healing. Some people like to mix healing into the last 10/15 minutes of a massage treatment for a deep destress session.  It’s up to you, or let Sara work through with you to find out what sort of massage you like best



  • Kinesiology first session – £65
  • Massage & Repeat sessions (60 mins) – £55
  • Three session offer – £150 (used within 6 months)
  • Children (up to 60 mins) – £45


Here are a few comments from Sare’s past customers.

“All my aches and pains have gone! Sare’s insights and treatments got to the heart of what was going on”.

“This was a fascinating session, I was intrigued to hear what needed working on – Sara was spot on! This session has prompted me to focus on my wellbeing”.


“We have been working on my phobia and I feel a distinct and positive change”.


House Healing and earth energy dowsing

Your home doesn’t have to be perfect but it should feel like a sanctuary when you return to it. House healing and earth energy surveys help by ensuring and creating somewhere you can sleep, rest and recuperate to the maximum without outside influences.

House healing is subtle but clients often report and noticeable effect and comment on the atmosphere feeling lifted, more peaceful, having less arguments and as if tension has been released. Think of house healing as a filter removing invisible layers of dust, memory, history, emotional fields, rows and sadness all going back in time to the original land use – all attached to your home. This leaves you with a vibrant, fresh and clear space to live in.

There are many factors involved in the synergy of harmonising homes and ensuring your space is reset to a crystal clear and pristine atmosphere. Sara has years of experience and knowledge, with each home worked on being gauged for levels of geopathic stress and disharmony both before and after treatment, so she knows what works.

Please see my website for further information:

Dowsing and spiritual tutor, meditation groups

Working as workshop and group work leader is something Sare enjoys, her courses are written by her and original, designed to be interesting, accessible, engaging and fun.

She is an experienced and trained British Dowsers professional tutor who has run approved practitioner level certificated courses for 15 years as well as her own healing and spiritual groups.

Workshops, talks and courses are run regularly, sign up for my newsletter or email for details:

  • Introduction to dowsing – general
  • Introduction to earth energies and sacred sites
  • Healing your home workshop
  • Well-being and health dowsing