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Connecting Reiki with Medicine

Last Friday, 12 October 2018, the Connecting Reiki with Medicine programme was honoured by a visit from Phyllis Furumoto, Lineage Bearer, Usui Shiki Ryoho. Phyllis made a flying twenty-four hour visit to the UK especially to spend time at St George’s Hospital. She toured the Ruth Myles Unit (bone marrow transplant , haematology), experiencing time with […]

Young People and Mental Health

Mindful Self-Compassion – Leading the way for healthier young minds.   Young people and mental health in a changing world is the theme for World Mental Health Day today (10th October 2018).  For over a decade I have been calling for greater awareness and practical internal resources for our young people.  Sadly, we are still […]

Five Tips to Feed Teens Minds

5 tips to help teens feed their minds and feel a little happier Adolescence is a very challenging time for young people. It is one of the most critical stages of brain development and it affects teenagers in different ways. One of the many factors that influence the growth of the brain is nutritional status. […]

My Journey with Access Bars®

So happy and grateful for the tools of Access. I felt like I was simply treading water in my life – going no where fast. I was done with taking any more courses. I was full up. No more space in my head for anything else. Then a friend invited me to something more. Not […]

Is Counselling Right for Me?

Is Counselling Right for Me?   Most people feel very wary about going to see someone because they are struggling to cope, maybe depressed, unhappy, confused, anxious or tormented. It may seem like an admission of failure or weakness, a contradiction of our self-help society’s values. Maybe it’s a fear of what will be uncovered, […]

Rediscover Real Food!

The Clean Eating diet is out – 5 reasons why you should eat real food every day Clean eating has been the latest fad when it comes to diets. Publicised both in the press and all over social media, it created a lot of confusion. Although the idea of eating unprocessed food is excellent, cutting […]

Fear of Public Speaking?

Is fear of Public Speaking Holding you Back in your Career?   Does the fear of standing up at work and either presenting to colleagues or to clients fill you with dread? Are you a teacher who feels confident teaching a class, but dreads doing assemblies or presentations to the Senior Management Team or parents? […]

SCHN is the place to find a Therapist…

SCHN is the place to find a Therapist in Sutton, Cheam, Epsom, Carshalton, Wallington and surrounding areas SCHN has been in existance for over 12 years providing complementary therapies in 27 different therapies. If you want to find out what is complementary therapy or you are looking for a therapist in all the areas around […]