HANDLE Approach

The HANDLE® Approach


The HANDLE Institute was founded in 1994 by a remarkable woman called Judith Bluestone. It’s philosophy is rooted in acknowledging, validating and working with each individual’s differences. The HANDLE approach is a unique treatment for children and adult with wide range of neurological challenges which impair memory, learning, movement, emotions and behaviours.

HANDLE has provided thousands of individuals with the tools they need to enhance compromised neuro-developmental systems, opening doors to academic, social and behavioural success. It is a non-invasive, non-drug, non-judgmental and friendly approach for all ages and one which respects the individual.

It is for anybody who likes to reach or regain their potential, no matter how mild or severe their issues are with sleeping, concentration, memory, self-confidence, anxiety, chewing, swallowing, brushing hair or teeth, cutting nails, learning, writing, reading, stress, impairment in brain functions, mental / physical decline, improving movement skills, physical limitation, incontinence and more.

Website: www.gentleintegrationtherapies.com

Email: lida@gentleintegrationtherapies.com

Certified HANDLE Screener, kinesiology techniques



Lida Hewitt

Lida Hewitt webRead more… HANDLE Intern, HANDLE Screener, NVQ3 (teaching assistant), Pre-level 3 in British Sign Language
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Lida Hewitt