The Benefits of Massage at Work or at Home.

The Benefits of Massage in the Workplace & Home – By Theo Theodoris past Chairman of SCHN

Theo TheodorisOver twenty four years of Massaging Theo has found that stress comes in a number of different forms and affects us all in different ways. The most common form of stress in the Work Place is headaches and stiff neck and shoulders. The main cause of this is the computer and sitting at our desks hours at a time without breaks.

If this is not dealt with over time, the headaches can turn into migraines and the stiffness into acute back ache, which could lead to major back problems. This will seriously affect your work productivity, your relationships with colleagues and harmony with the whole family at home.

By following a few easy steps your whole work and family life can me changed around positively. First of all, if you are already feeling headaches and stiffness in your back and shoulders you need to sort this before it gets any worse. The longer you leave it, the longer it will take to balance you out. You would usually incur tightness in the shoulders first, which will lead to headaches. This is because you shoulder muscles are contracting causing diminishing blood flow to the head. This is where massage comes in in breaking down the stiff muscle groups in the shoulders and upper back. The tightness you feel is known as knots. These are tight muscles, which need to be broken down. This is done by manipulating the soft body tissues of the muscles, which is the main principle of massage.

The Process of Having a Massage: firstly you will be taken through a consultation form for health and safety reasons and for me to find out how you are feeling both physically and mentally. Not all forms of tightness in the body are caused by physical reasons. I will then explain exactly what type of massage will be carried out and how I will be doing this. This is so you know exactly what is going to happen, which will keep you more relaxed throughout your personal massage. All massages are carried out on a Massage Couch, unless it is in the Work Place using My Onsite Chair Massage. You will be covered by towels at all times, except when massaging that particular limb, back etc. and the towel will be draped over, then covered back. When carry out a full body massage on the couch, you will undress down to your and lie down on the couch. Oil will be applied to my hands then onto your body. As I start with a scalp massage, you have the choice weather I use oil in the hair or not. Through different massage strokes I will help break down the tension in the body, always checking with you if the pressure is okay. If you are very tight I will have to break done the tension layers carefully. You cannot expect them all to disappear in one go. Therefor a few sessions may be needed. Once we have alleviated your tension we will work at ways of maintaining your body, so you don’t go back to the way you were. This can be done by having a better working practice, from taking very short breaks in-between your computer work, been shown a few stretched, drinking more water to having more “Me Time”. Little, but often forms of exercise and massage is great. The same applies to using your laptop/computer at home.

One of the most common questions I always get asked is, “How often should I have a Massage?”

As I have clients I see once a week, once a fortnight, and every three weeks to once a month. I always reply with, you know how you felt before I massaged you and you know how you feel now; when you feel you need to feel like this, this is when you need one”.
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