Why are you talking about Hayfever. I haven’t got it now, Summer’s over!

The hayfever season is so miserable, so once it’s over most people are just grateful and forget about it till next summer. But should you?

Homeopaths know that the reason we get the common hayfever symptoms of runny nose and itchy eyes is only partly due to pollen, especially as some people know their hayfever is better when they go outside. Also symptoms are often worse in different locations, so they might be better by the sea and worse in towns where there is more pollution, or when the weather gets really hot. However, the severity and type of our symptoms is really related to our underlying level of health and our subsequent level of susceptibility, rather than just the environmental conditions.

This is why homeopaths recommend treating your overall level of health in between the hayfever seasons, so that when the spring comes round next year you will find the symptoms are reduced and over a few years may stop altogether.

People often try homeopathic remedies when their symptoms are really bad, but like the drugs you buy from the chemist, they are only palliating the symptoms. Although that can be helpful to get through the worst of the season, it is not treating the underlying susceptibility, so they will just come back again next year and most people find they get worse each year.

A short course of specific homeopathic remedies focusing on your level of health you inherited from your parents and possibly a small change in diet, or a different nutritional supplement, will bring you to a higher level of health overall and will subsequently reduce your susceptibility to pollens in the summer.

Come to see a homeopath before the season starts for the specific course of remedies, and also to start to make the nutritional changes at the same time, so they are having an effect by the start of the next hayfever season.

Yvonne Stone RSHom is a trained nurse and midwife and she has been working as a Professional Homeopath in Woking for the last 15 years. She has clinics in Carshalton and South Wimbledon.

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