Would you like to see less of yourself this Christmas?

Would you like to see less of yourself this Christmas? In Sutton there is an alternative to dieting!

Maria FurtekRead about Chrissie’s success with the Weight Hypnotherapy and You Programme.

Many people are now thinking about losing weight in time for Christmas. However, just going on a diet for many women is only a short term, temporary solution. Experience shows that you can lose weight on a diet, but as soon as you revert back to your old eating habits the weight piles back on again and then it’s easy to feel demoralised and get in to the pattern of yo yo dieting.

Chrissie, before she started her sessions of the Weight Hypnotherapy and the You programme.

Like many people, she had tried many diets but fell into the scenario above.

There are three main reasons why diets don’t work in the long term:

1) They make you deprive yourself of things you enjoy and this can make you feel miserable.

2) They don’t help you to create new eating habits.

3) They don’t deal with any underlying issues around your relationship with food.

Hypnotherapy and the way I use it in the WHY programme deals with all of these issues.

Chrissie lost a staggering 2 stone 5 pounds in eight sessions with me.

But the good news is that she now has all the tools, resources and know-how to continue losing her weight and maintain it. Chrissie has kindly allowed me to tell you her story because she is thrilled with the outcome.

After losing 2 stone 5 pounds, I can tell you that she looks fab.

This programme gives you the tools to:

– deal with emotional eating, cravings, & compulsive eating

– boost motivation

– create new behaviours so that you can maintain your weight

Chrissie says that once of the best things about her weight loss is that she can now wear gorgeous clothes again rather than “fat” clothes and buy something off the peg knowing that she will look and feel wonderful”

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